Disk’overy Teachers

First Grade: Ms. K. Leiva, Ms. C. Roura
Second Grade: Ms. V. Cordova, Ms. Diaz
Third Grade: Ms. Goodis, Ms. Sanchez
Fourth Grade: Ms. Rojas, Ms. Lucia
Fifth Grade: Ms. Araujo, Ms. Cruz

Welcome to ‘Disk’overy, the Ethel Koger Beckham Elementary Gifted Program. Our particular program is a full-time enriching curriculum in all the subject areas, and revolves around a specific theme each year. This interdisciplinary theme for the gifted builds upon basic skills and provides opportunities for acceleration, enrichment, higher level thinking skills, creative production, problem solving, and studies in areas of interest to the student.

Teachers provide creative, informative and stimulating experiences for the students, while at the same time implementing Gifted Goals and Objectives, as well as the common core Sunshine State Standards and Next Generation Sunshine State standards.

We are aware that each of our children is special and has unique talents and abilities. “Many Ways of Knowing, Many Ways of Showing” is a philosophy that we embrace. It is our goal to provide educational experiences matched to our students individual learning characteristics, needs, and interests.

Curriculum Enhancement

  • The following are integrated into the content areas throughout the year:

    • Gifted Goals and Objectives
    • Common Core Sunshine State Standards
    • Next Generation Sunshine State Standards
    • Critical Thinking Strategies
    • Creative Thinking Strategies
    • Hands-on Activities and Investigations
    • Literature
    • Problem Solving
    • Current Events
    • Simulations
    • Technology
  • To enhance the curriculum further, students participate in these activities:

    • Community Service (The Friendship Club)
    • Math Olympiad
    • Odyssey of the Mind
    • Exploration
    • Field trips
    • Competitions
    • Speakers
    • Projects
    • Presentations
    • Debate
    • Culmination Celebrations