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Our Mission

Nurturing Every Child’s Potential

Every child comes to school with strengths and abilities. The staff of Ethel Koger Beckham Elementary School is committed to connect these abilities with deeper and wider ways of knowing… finding the intelligence.. building character within our students.. and seeing each child as an individual with unique hopes, dreams, skills, and needs.

Our Students master the basics, learn how to learn, achieve a deeper understanding, and can gather as well as analyze data.

Our students solve problems, make decisions, use computers, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively.


  • Ethel K. Beckham Elementary believes in:
    • project-based learning
    • portfolio assessment
    • performance-based standards
    • collaborative efforts, a blend of new and traditional approaches
    • technological practices to achieve these goals
  • At EKB, Technology means:
    • using computers, video, and telecommunications to do real work
    • connecting students, teachers, parents and administrators via networks
    • using the Internet to connect worldwide with other schools, libraries, and universities
    • helping teachers use information-based technology to do what they have always dreamed of doing

Technology helps students become more self-directed and less dependent on teacher assistance.

Technology is flexible enough to adapt to students’ individual learning styles.